Feb. 5-7, 2024
Kansas City

Top Producer Summit
Speaker Presentations

Breakout Session Speakers:

What’s Your Farm’s Technical Debt? - Steve Cubbage

How to Soar Among Black Swans - Josh Linville

    Aligning Your Team For Success – Office Manager & Team Best Practice Exchange - Mark Faust and Terry McKie

    When Times are Tough - Rena Striegel

    Contribution Margin: Why That is More Important Than Net Income - Paul Neiffer

Reconsider These Immigration Solutions To Expand Your Farm Team - Rachel Beardsley

Crop Inputs: Where To Find Margin - Sam Taylor

    7 Essential Strategy Considerations to Improve Your Negotiations and Build Your Bottom Line - Mark Faust

    Put Yourself in the Board Room -Rena Striegel

Social Security: A Tax? Or An Investment? - Paul Neiffer

New Era Marketing--What Has Changed? - Jerry Gulke

Trading Down - Matt Clark

Planning for Profit in 2024 - Shay Foulk

Space Weather: A Black Hole For Your Technology Access - Terry Griffin

Farm Practices and Your Farm’s Carbon Intensity Score Offer Hidden Value for Crops - Peter Meyer