Jan. 23-25, 2023, Nashville

AgLaunch Showcase

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Time:  12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
Room: Grand Hall

Innovation can come from anywhere. But in agriculture, the best ideas for the farm are typically born on the farm. This farm-centric model is the focus of the AgLaunch and Farm Journal AgLaunch365 program. For 2023, eight ag tech startups will go through the two-year program, which includes business coaching, support from a national network of mentors and on-farm trials. During these trials, AgLaunch Farmers work hand-in-hand with startups to trial, provide feedback, share data and ultimately aid in the success of the company.

The entrepreneurs behind these companies will pitch their technologies at the 2023 Top Producer Summit.

Bioverse Labs 
Bioverse Labs delivers species identification to assist farmers in monitoring insect populations in the field. This is done via a low-cost subscription to a mobile app that can be integrated with sensors designed to monitor population dynamics autonomously and help farmers to reduce crop loss risk, lower the use of inputs and manage biological control with precision.

eCow helps dairy farmers increase milk yield and profitability, while decreasing methane emissions by using insights and an internal sensor.

EVOIA, Inc. 
EVOIA, Inc. is focused on bringing solutions inspired by nature to farmers. The company brings the ecological benefits of fire to production agriculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, with a goal of being a leader in climate-smart agriculture, resulting in a world where the growing population is sustained by profitable growers who use less resources.

GenoTwin is revolutionizing biosurveillance and sustainability for livestock and includes advanced omics insights into infectious diseases. 

Motion Grazer AI 
Motion Grazer AI evaluates animal gait, posture and condition via camera, computer and proprietary algorithms. With an initial focus on breeding swine, real-time health data and productivity predictions for individual animals is provided. The outcomes include increased farm efficiency, profitability, improved animal health and productivity.

ReproHealth Technologies
ReproHealth Technologies uses acembryology and engineering to improve cattle production. Its intravaginal embryo culture device creates embryos in the cow, rather than the lab, bringing the lab to the farm.

Sentinel Fertigation 
Sentinel Fertigation leverages technology to empower precision fertigation through crop monitoring and nitrogen management solutions. Its core product, the N-Time software platform, delivers image-based nitrogen application scheduling recommendations shown to increase yield per unit of nitrogen applied by 25% versus current farmer management. 

TrackerSled’s SunFarmor modules stabilize producers’ energy and fertilizer costs. The company recruits and licenses companies to assemble plug-and-play SunFarmor modules so producers can own an operating solar farm within weeks — no pile driving, surveys or geotechnical testing. A 3.5-acre solar farm will make a 1,000-acre grain farm energy independent.