Jan. 23-25, 2023, Nashville

Pre-Event Workshop led by:
Rena Striegel, President, Transition Point Business Advisors

Top Producer Summit
Pre-Event Workshop: Take Control Of Your Succession Plan

Use the topics and tools included in The DIRTT Project to jump-start the succession planning process for your operation whether you are just beginning or need to get on track.

  • Learn how to set goals for both the transitioning owners and the operation.
  • Learn how to create a plan to ensure that your heirs and successors are ready to lead and work effectively together.
  • Learn how to address family disharmony or handle communication with successors who do not get along.
  • Learn how to choose your professional team and hold them accountable for the work they will be doing for you.

Network with and learn from other farmers in transition.

Date:  Monday, January 23, 2023
Time:  10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cost: $219

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