Full Name
Mimmo Franzone
Job Title
Produce, Floral and Merchandising Services
Longo Brothers Fruit Markets
Speaker Bio
Starting his career in the produce industry at an early age, Mimmo developed a passion for food while working in the family business. With a strong taste for quality and unique offerings, it is no surprise that Mimmo is the Produce Expert at Longo’s.
It has been a 18 year journey for Mimmo with Longo’s; from produce clerk to Senior Director of Produce, Floral and Merchandising Services; Mimmo’s love for produce has been felt by many. Mimmo’s mission is to bring Longo’s guests all the flavours and experiences that the world’s crops can offer.
One of the differentiating aspects of Longo’s is their long-standing relationships with grower partners – both locally and abroad. Mimmo has been integral to continuing to build sustainable relationships with partners to ensure Longo’s delivers the freshest and finest produce, regardless of season. He has extended this philosophy to the leadership of his team, from conducting farm tours, both locally and in the USA, and continuing to enrich the knowledge and passion of his team.
Mimmo Franzone