Full Name
Danilu Ramirez
Job Title
DRAM Agricultural Consulting, Inc.
Speaker Bio
Danilu Ramirez is a PCA/CCA and the President of DRAM Agricultural Consulting, Inc. She helps growers on the Central Coast remain in compliance with all regulatory requirements revolving around water quality. Danilu believes that combining knowledge of nutrient uptake, Integrated Pesticide Management, and Irrigation Efficiency are the keys to a sustainable future for California agriculture. Danilu is Certified in Nitrogen Management (CDFA/FREP) and is a Certified Sustainability Specialist (American Society of Agronomy). Danilu has served on the CAPCA Board since 2006 and continues to be involved in legislation surrounding PCA’s. Danilu holds a B.S. degree in Crop Science from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo.

Danilu was born and raised in Imperial Valley, California. Her great grandfather, grandfather, and father all proudly farmed from Merced to Huron to Holtville, CA. Danilu began her career as an agronomist growing cotton and tomatoes on a large farm in the Central Valley. She then took on an all-new challenge, managing strawberry production for a Coastal berry shipper. Danilu then went on to specialize in irrigation management and went back to Cal Poly to study Ag Engineering as she worked on designing irrigation systems. As an irrigation specialist Danilu began to learn more about water quality and regulation growers were facing. Now as the owner of DRAM Ag Consulting, Danilu enjoys working with growers and seeing results through sustainability efforts. Implementing important field research that improves efficiencies while sustaining profitably is what propels Danilu forward each day.
Danilu is also a mountain bike coach (Trail Sends Mountain Bike Coaching, LLC) and she volunteers at the local gun club instructing new shooters through Intro to Handgun classes. Danilu enjoys tactical and combat shooting courses along with self-defense classes (she is a student of Krav Maga). Any other free time Danilu has is spent with her cattle dog Blazer and her boyfriend Thomas, on the beach or in the mountains.
Danilu Ramirez