Laurenio Vitorino
Hilmar, Calif.
Job Title
Countyline LLC
Speaker Bio
Laurenio Vitorino currently serves as the General Manager of Countyline LLC. In this role he oversees the day-to-day operations of the dairy, as well as having the farming operations team report to him. Laurenio has been on staff with the Ahlem family for 32 years, starting as a relief milker and working his way up to general manager. He is a past graduate of the Zoetis People First Program and his most recent leadership project at the dairy was overseeing the conversion of their milking herd from conventional to robotic milking. Laurenio is very involved in his local community, volunteering his time to cook and raise donations for local Portuguese festivals, as well as the Accoreano Sport soccer club.
Laurenio Vitorino