Jeff Civillico
Job Title
Juggling - Entertaining - Connecting - Inspiring
Speaker Bio
From a 10-year-old kid doing shows in the kitchen for his “Gram” to becoming a 3-time “Best of Las Vegas” winner, Jeff Civillico has always had a heart to connect with people. He wants to make you laugh, to make you smile, to make you cheer. At the end of the day, Jeff wants you to leave a little lighter and brighter, taking a ripple of happiness with you as you go. That’s probably the reason he became the youngest Producer/Headliner in Las Vegas, and was named Vegas’ “Entertainer of the Year.” After a decade’s success with his Vegas Residency, Jeff could feel it was time to expand his platform, reach, and impact. He felt the need to move beyond the confines of performing 6 nights a week (for 10 years!) to focus more on developing his connection and communication skills as a host personality, facilitator, and keynote speaker.
Jeff Civillico